Why Buildicipate?


Cities are to be made for the people, by the people and with the people. We want to help build a two-way bridge between City developers/municipalities and citizens where everyone can explore, build, play and engage in city development process using digital twin of the city so that the experiments can be first made virtually before implementing in the real world.


  • A real world digital 3D platform (Digital Twin) of Stuttgart for citizens and government to build, play, explore and engage in city development process.
  • Complimanting traditional citizen particiaption in city development process using visually rich digital city environment and interaction.
  • Enhancing the digital participation platform with game elements to bring out more creativity and sense of there importance in the city development process.

Buildicipate = Build + Participate


Implementation of the Smart Participation Game in Four Steps

A real world visualization and gaming environment which on one hand puts the control of city development in the hand of citizens for them to explore, build, play and engage in the city development process while on the other hand allows city developers, municipalities and stakeholders to take citizen oriented city development decisions


Public/private sector, Real Estate


Developer Teams configue the application


Any Citizens – Young adults


Decision makers give awards to the best planning


Direct & Indirect Stakeholders

Pains & Gains & Customers jobs

First Pilot

The HFT Stuttgart Building 2 in Unreal 4 Game Engine.