Welcome to the Page of Food-Water-Energy Simulation Tool

Food-water-energy simulator and visualizer are developed at HFT Stuttgart. Under the project of IN-Source, Food Water Energy(FWE) ADE extends the standard data model CityGML of with FWE parameters. In addition, an urban energy simulation tool SimStadt was further developed with biomass potential analysis, and the results are visualized in a interacting 3D map.

Biomass Potential Simulation

The simulator is based on the urban energy simulation platfomr called SimStadt. SimStadt has been developed and extensively validated in the framework of SimStadt and SimStadt 2.0 projects since 2013.

In INsource the software SimStadt was extened to simulate the vegetation-based biomass potential. Further FWE related functions, e.g. water demand in urban and rural area and food potential, are being studied and extented.

Food-Water-Energy ADE

Food Water Energy Application Domain Extension (FWE ADE) is a domain specific data model which extends the standard data model of CityGML. FWE ADE allows users to feed domain specific FWE data at four spatail levels: buildings, landuse, FWEArea and FWESystem.


To visualise CityGML datasets along with the FWE ADE on the web, custom web application using 3D tiles rendered on Cesium web globe is developed.