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MoDoCoT (Moodle Dockerized Code Testing )
#MoDoCoT (Moodle Dockerized Code Testing )
# Purpose
## Purpose
This is the Git repository for the MoDoCoT project, which was developed in the summer semester 2020 for the software project in the IT course at the HFT Stuttgart
# Goal
## Goal
The system MoDoCoT enables a professor to set up Moodle exercise hand-ins for students in the HFT Stuttgarts official Moodle system, where MoDoCoT builds the code and runs a Junit test suite over the code. MoDoCoT shows the weighted JUnit test results to the respective student similar to other test results in Moodle.
# Use Cases
## Use Cases
- A teacher should be able to upload JUnit test files when creating an assignment
- A student should be able to upload Java files to this assignment. Those files should be tested with the provided JUnit tests.
- The student should see a summary of the test results.
- The teacher should see a summary of all test results of all students, but also be able to view the detailed results.
# Important Links:
## Important Links:
[Backend Git Repository](
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