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# Usage
!!! todo
Write usage guide for lecturers and students
On this page you'll find all information regarding the usage of Dockerized Testing Toolkit for lecturers as-well as students.
## Lecturer
### Requirements
- testrunner docker-image hosted on DockerHub. Either:
1. choose from the official supported list
2. find/create custom image
- tests code base in internet accessible Git-Repo
- file-structure of code-base to match choosen runner's specifications
### Create/Edit Assignment in Moodle
In your Moodle course
- add a new Assignment
- enable Dockerized Testing Toolkit
- disable all other submission types
- upload textfile with your assignment settings (see below on file specification)
To edit an existing assignment, just remove the old and upload a new config file.
## Student
As student you can either zip your submission, or upload a textfile with the link to your git repository.
For the file specifications see below.
## DTT configuration file specification
This section describes how the DTT-config-files work.
They have to contain an URI starting with `dtt` as identifier, then followed by the information as shown below.
### Lecturer (assignment)
Information needed in the config-file:
- url to git repo
- user and password, if needed for access
- docker image to use
dtt::<git-repo-url>::<none|<user name>>::<none|<user name>>::<docker image[:tag]>
# test code
### Student (submission)
Information needed in the config-file:
- url to git repo
- user and password, if needed for access
dtt::<git-repo-url>::<none|<user name>>::<none|<user name>>
!!! tip
Additionally any number of [Unified-Ticketing][1] URIs can be in the config file for ticket response.
# source code
# disabled, just as example
# ticket response
# unifiedticketing:gitlab:
<!-- Unified-Ticketing -->
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