Commit 2c868f44 authored by Ratnadeep Rajendra Kharade's avatar Ratnadeep Rajendra Kharade
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html changes for route highlight

parent ef48e15a
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
<div class="routes-list-wrapper">
<div class="routes-list-inner">
<div class="route-option-wrapper" *ngFor="let route of routeList | keyvalue; let i = index">
<div class="route-option-inner" (click)="selectRoute(route.value.route, i)">
<div class="route-option-inner" [ngClass]="{'selected': route.value.selected}" (click)="selectRoute(route.value.route, i)">
<div class="route-heading">{{getRouteType(route.value.mode)}}:</div>
<div class="route-summary">{{route.value.summary}}</div>
<div class="route-prediction"></div>
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