Commit 43fffe7e authored by Priyanka Vivekanand Upadhye's avatar Priyanka Vivekanand Upadhye
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Merge branch '67-deactivate-user-api-integration' into 'master'

Validation of Password change

Closes #67

See merge request 92khra1mst/hft_awado_app!60
parents a9efdeae a1680e3c
......@@ -33,8 +33,11 @@ export class ResetPasswordPage implements OnInit {
if(this.oldPassword=="" || this.confirmPassword=="" || this.newPassword=="")
this.toastService.showToast("All Feilds are mandatory");
else if(this.newPassword.length < 4)
this.toastService.showToast("Weak Password");
else if(this.confirmPassword!=this.newPassword)
this.toastService.showToast("Please Confirm Password Again");
else{'token').then((token) => {
let url = ''
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