Commit bd9451ab authored by Gauri Amol Pande's avatar Gauri Amol Pande
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Merge branch '72-feedback-toast-message' into 'master'

Resolve "feedback toast message"

Closes #72

See merge request 92khra1mst/hft_awado_app!65
parents 2c56ed25 d7cebd60
Pipeline #1783 canceled with stages
......@@ -66,9 +66,12 @@ export class FeedbackPage implements OnInit {
this.feedbackApi.subscribe((resp) => {
//console.log("rides response", resp);
this.isDetailsVisible = false;
this.toastService.showToast("Feedback Successful!")
}, (error) => {console.log(error)
this.toastService.showToast("Feedback failed !")
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