Translate GitLab to your language

The text in the GitLab user interface is in American English by default. Each string can be translated to other languages. As each string is translated, it's added to the languages translation file and made available in future GitLab releases.

Contributions to translations are always needed. Many strings are not yet available for translation because they have not been externalized. Helping externalize strings benefits all languages. Some translations are incomplete or inconsistent. Translating strings helps complete and improve each language.

There are many ways you can contribute in translating GitLab.

Externalize strings

Before a string can be translated, it must be externalized. This is the process where English strings in the GitLab source code are wrapped in a function that retrieves the translated string for the user's language.

As new features are added and existing features are updated, the surrounding strings are externalized. However, there are many parts of GitLab that still need more work to externalize all strings.

See Externalization for GitLab.

Translate strings

The translation process is managed at using Crowdin. You must create a Crowdin account before you can submit translations. Once you are signed in, select the language you wish to contribute translations to.

Voting for translations is also valuable, helping to confirm good translations and flag inaccurate ones.

See Translation guidelines.


Proofreading helps ensure the accuracy and consistency of translations. All translations are proofread before being accepted. If a translation requires changes, a comment explaining why notifies you.

See Proofreading Translations for more information on who can proofread and instructions on becoming a proofreader yourself.


Translations are typically included in the next major or minor release.

See Merging translations from Crowdin.