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<h3>Integration of GIS Data to the CityGML</h3>
There are plenty of available GIS datasets available in e.g. Shapefile, GeoPackage, CSV. Those dataset can be used to enrich the existing CityGML 3D building models.
<br><b>Download: </b> <a href="./fme/citygml_aggregator_joe_2022_04_08.fmw">FME workbench</a>
<a class="btn btn-dark my-3" href="./fme/citygml_aggregator_joe_2022_04_08.fmw">Download FME workbench</a>
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<img src='./images/fme2.jpg' style='width: 100%;'/>
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<h3>Conversion from 2D Building Footprint to LoD1-CityGML </h3>
The 2D building footprint can be converted to the 3D building models in CityGML format. The height attribute is necessary as an input parameter to extrude each building.
<a class="btn btn-dark my-3" href="./fme/shp2CityGML_LoD1Bldg.fmw">Download FME workbench</a>
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<img src='./images/fme_shp2citygml.jpg' style='width: 100%;'/>
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