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<title>Abschlusskonferenz i_city Phase 1</title>
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<li><a href="">Call for Paper</a></li>
<li><a href="">Project</a></li>
<li><a href="">Impressum</a></li>
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<h1> Final Conference <br>
<h2>Call for Papers for book publication</h2>
<p>The vision of the iCity partnership is to ensure the city of the future is liveable, intelligent and sustainable (LIS). Such a city is increasingly connected through digital means, uses resources efficiently, implements intelligent mobility concepts and guarantees that its infrastructure is supplied with a high ratio of renewable energy via grid-bound infrastructure. Further to these technical aspects, approaches for intelligent cities are increasingly human-centred, integrative, fliexible, and thus placing the well-being of the inhabitants and a better quality of life at the centre of developments. </p>
<p>The essential part of "intelligence" consists not only in driving forward technical-ecological innovations, it also involves integrating social and economic aspects and developing user-centred solutions. </p>
<p>In order to meet these challenges, innovations must be developed through inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation with partners in the areas of research, business, administration, politics and civil society. </p>
<h3><strong>In particular, we are looking for contributions from within the iCity project and related research topics:</strong></h3>
<li>Sustainable urban development and energetic neighbourhood concepts</li>
<li>Open urban information platform and urban simulation</li> </p>
<p><li>Innovative data acquisition and surveying methodologies including crowd sourcing </li></p>
<p><li>Urban acoustics</li> </p>
<p><li>Energy management, information and communication technologies including smart meter, IoT technologies and intelligent control systems like BMS or Smart Home </li></p>
<p><li>Innovative buildings and technologies </li></p>
<p><li>Sustainable mobility </li> </p>
<p><li>Finance and acceptance </li></p>
<p>We would like to encourage researchers at HFT Stuttgart as well as students to submit papers or contributions on their projects or thesis work related to the topics mentioned above. </p>
<p>The book will be the third publication in the HFT series by Springer Verlag. The other two previously published books are "Digitalen Wandel gestalten – Transdisziplinäre Ansätze aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft" (2019) and "Innovations for Metropolitan Areas – Intelligent Solutions for Mobility, Logistics and Infrastructure designed for Citizens" (2020). </p>
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<p>Potential authors are requested to submit a corresponding author and a draft title by <strong>15.07.2020 via <a href="">easychair</a>.</strong> </p>
<p> This should serve as a basis for an initial feedback on the suitability for the book in principle. However, the editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts in special cases at any time. </p>
<p><strong> 15.10.20</strong> Submission of the complete manuscript (in English), prepared in accordance with the APA guidelines (see next page). All manuscripts then will undergo a peer review procedure by the editors and external reviewers. </p>
<p><strong> 07.11.20</strong> Authors receive initial feedback on manuscripts. </p>
<p><strong> 30.11.20</strong> Submission of finalised contributions. </p>
<p><strong> 20.12.20</strong> Authors receive feedback on finalised manuscripts. </p>
<p><strong> 15.01.21</strong> Submission of final manuscripts </p>
<p> The publication of the book is planned for <strong>Q3/2021</strong>&nbsp;</p>
<p> Further questions on the book and manuscript design as well as the submission of the contribution should be directed to the email address: <a href=""></a>.</p>
<h3><strong>Editors </strong> </h3>
<p>Prof. Dr. Volker Coors </p>
<p>Dr. Dirk Pietruschka </p>
<p>Prof. Dr. Berndt Zeitler </p>
<h3><strong>Editorial </strong> </h3>
<p>Christine Kraus (M4_LAB) </p>
<p>Nina Ehresmann (iCity)</p>
<h3><strong>Publisher </strong> </h3>
<p>Springer Gabler </p>
<h3><strong>Contact </strong> </h3>
<p>All questions about submissions should be emailed to <a href=""> </a></p>
<p>Please submit your contribution via <a href="">easychair</a>. Thank you!&nbsp;</p>
<p>AMP Template</p>
<p> &copy; 2018 <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">AMP HTML5 Template</a>. <br>
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