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The room should be ventilated as soon as one LED turns red.
## *Ampel* web-conf
*Ampel*-firmware + [IotWebConf](
This is beta software, and bugs are expected!
* You probably need to update `config.h`. There's a new template in `config.public.h`.
* Every parameter can be set in the web-configuration, so you don't have to modify `config.h` once it's been updated.
* Add the IotWebConf library in Arduino IDE?
* Flash
* Start the *Ampel*
* It should blink turquoise, to indicate *Access Point* mode
* Connect with a laptop/smartphone to ESPxxxxxx WiFi.
* Open a browser, it should bring you to the *Ampel* web-page.
* The usual web-page will be shown. You can click on "Configuration".
* You'll have to set an *Ampel* password with at least 8 characters.
* You can set WiFi SSID + Password if you want. It will then try to connect if you disconnect from the *Access Point*.
* If you don't specify SSID + Password, the *Ampel* will simply stay in *Access Point* mode.
* The *Ampel* password will be required if a connection fails, and the *Access Point* starts again.
* The *Ampel* password will be needed (with user 'admin') to connect to the web-page once the *Ampel* is connected to WiFi.
* It might be necessary to reset the *Ampel* after changing important parameters.
* You can rename the *Ampel*. This name will be used instead of ESPxxxxxx for CSV files and the mDNS address. You'll get a new CSV file after renaming, which can be convenient.
## Features
The *CO<sub>2</sub> Ampel* can:
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