Commit 239daba6 authored by Käppler's avatar Käppler
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co2_sensor: Do not report new data in all cases

Log every measurement to the serial console, but
return only `true` in `processData()`(thus starting
further processing like CSV, MQTT, LORAWAN) if
the data is reliable (stable measurements, CO2 > 0)
or the sensor measures too low CO2 values (< 250).

The latter condition should be reported, because
the user can then initiate a manual calibration procedure.
parent c6139baf
......@@ -291,7 +291,9 @@ namespace sensor {
return freshData;
// Report data for further processing only if the data is reliable
// (state 'READY') or manual calibration is necessary (state 'NEEDS_CALIBRATION').
return freshData && (current_state == READY || current_state == NEEDS_CALIBRATION);
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