Commit 39d61b53 authored by Eric Duminil's avatar Eric Duminil
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Actually use the library

parent 54e58bcf
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ namespace config {
# include "src/lib/Esp8266EdgeSoftwareSerial/MySoftwareSerial.h"
# define S8_RX_PIN 13 // GPIO13, a.k.a. D7, connected to S8 Tx pin.
# define S8_TX_PIN 15 // GPIO15, a.k.a. D8, connected to S8 Rx pin.
SoftwareSerial S8_serial(S8_RX_PIN, S8_TX_PIN);
MySoftwareSerial S8_serial(S8_RX_PIN, S8_TX_PIN);
#if defined(ESP32)
// GPIO16 connected to S8 Tx pin.
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