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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ namespace web_server {
// "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='%d'>"
"<div class='pure-g'><div class='pure-u-1'><div class='pure-menu'><p class='pure-menu-heading'>HfT-Stuttgart CO<sub>2</sub> Ampel</p></div></div>"
"<div class='pure-g'><div class='pure-u-1'><div class='pure-menu'><h2 class='pure-menu-heading'>HfT-Stuttgart CO<sub>2</sub> Ampel</h2></div></div>"
"<div class='pure-u-1'><ul class='pure-menu pure-menu-horizontal pure-menu-list'>"
"<li class='pure-menu-item'><a href='/config' class='pure-menu-link'>Config</a></li>"
"<li class='pure-menu-item'><a href='#table' class='pure-menu-link'>Info</a></li>"
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