Commit 703edb7d authored by Käppler's avatar Käppler
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co2_sensor: Do not reset ESP after calibration

A soft reset of the SCD30 sensor, i.e.
calling `SCD30.reset()` was added in commit
fe023428 to force an instant update of
the measurement interval after bootup.

It seems, however, that the calibration
value is not stored if the sensor is
reset before carrying out at least one
measurement after calibration.
This breaks calibration with the current code,
because the ESP (and then the SCD30) is reset
directly after calibration.
parent 6412c4ea
......@@ -163,7 +163,6 @@ namespace sensor {
Serial.println(F(" Done!"));
Serial.println(F("Sensor calibrated."));
ESP.restart(); // softer than ESP.reset
void logToSerial() {
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