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......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ This is beta software, and bugs are expected! There is not much free RAM left on
* You can rename the *Ampel*. This name will be used instead of ESPxxxxxx for CSV files and the mDNS address. You'll get a new CSV file after renaming, which can be convenient, e.g. to indicate at which location the measurements were made.
* If you forgot the password, you can send `reset_config` as command, and `reset` the ampel.
* If you disabled WiFi, you can enable it again with `wifi 1`.
* You can enable CSV by clicking on "+CSV", or disable it by clicking on "Remove this set".
* It's also possible to specify WiFi SSID and password in the console, with `ssid wifi_ssid_here` and `pwd wifi_password_here` commands.
* You can enable CSV by clicking on "+CSV", or disable it by clicking on "Disable CSV".
* The same applies to MQTT and LoRaWAN.
* If you disable a set, the parameters are still saved, and will appear again once the service is enabled.
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ const char IOTWEBCONF_HTML_FORM_OPTIONAL_GROUP_CSS[] PROGMEM =
"<button id='{i}b' class='{cb}' onclick=\"showFs('{i}'); return false;\">+ {b}</button>\n"
"<fieldset id='{i}' class='{cf}'><legend>{b}</legend>\n"
"<button onclick=\"hideFs('{i}'); return false;\">Remove this set</button>\n"
"<button onclick=\"hideFs('{i}'); return false;\">Disable {b}</button>\n"
"<input id='{i}v' name='{i}v' type='hidden' value='{v}'/>\n"
......@@ -113,4 +113,4 @@ protected:
\ No newline at end of file
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