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...@@ -147,8 +147,7 @@ namespace sensor { ...@@ -147,8 +147,7 @@ namespace sensor {
void startCalibrationProcess() { void startCalibrationProcess() {
/** From the sensor documentation: /** From the sensor documentation:
* For best results, the sensor has to be run in a stable environment in continuous mode at * Before applying FRC, SCD30 needs to be operated for 2 minutes with the desired measurement period in continuous mode.
* a measurement rate of 2s for at least two minutes before applying the FRC command and sending the reference value.
*/ */
Serial.print(F("Setting SCD30 timestep to ")); Serial.print(F("Setting SCD30 timestep to "));
Serial.print(config::timestep_during_calibration); Serial.print(config::timestep_during_calibration);
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