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# RegionChooser
[RegionChooser]( is a Java project. Its graphical interface allows to extract a specific region from [CityGML]( and save it as a smaller CityGML file.
[RegionChooser]( is a Java project. Its graphical interface allows to extract a specific region from multiple [CityGML]( files and save it as a smaller CityGML file.
......@@ -30,6 +30,52 @@ You first need to run SimStadt in order to select a [repository](https://simstad
* `./` in Linux
* `./RegionChooser.command` in macOS
### Select a region
* Once a repository has been imported, a map should be shown with the convex hulls of the available CityGML files.
* It is possible to define a polygon by clicking repeatedly on the map.
* If an intersection is found with at least one CityGML file, a list of files will be shown on the right.
* The selection might intersect multiple files. The user can select the desired files.
* By clicking on `Download Region`, a new CityGML file will be created, by merging the intersections of the polygon with each selected CityGML file.
### Get coordinates of polygon
The coordinates of the currently drawn polygon can be exported to [WKT]( by clicking on `Copy coordinates`. It can be useful for further processing, e.g. in a Python script.
As an example:
> POLYGON((9.176194 48.779168, 9.171473 48.775265, 9.176923 48.772890, 9.179842 48.774474, 9.181043 48.774134, 9.183103 48.775661, 9.182073 48.776962, 9.176194 48.779168))
## Command-line
RegionChooser can also be called from the command-line:
Launching RegionChooser CLI --help
Usage: region_chooser [-hlV] [-e=31467] -o=output.gml -w=polygon.wkt -i=input.
gml[,input.gml...] [-i=input.gml[,input.gml...]]...
Extracts a region from one or more citygmls.
-i, --input=input.gml[,input.gml...]
Citygml files to extract from
-o, --output=output.gml Output file
-e, --epsg=31467 EPSG id for coordinate reference system.
Will use the one from input.gml if unspecified.
-l, --local Are WKT coordinates in local CRS?
Coordinates are in WGS84 if unspecified.
-w, --wkt=polygon.wkt File containing WKT polygon, or - for stdin
-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-V, --version Print version information and exit.
As an example:
java -classpath "Desktop\SimStadt_0.10.0-SNAPSHOT_master_20221019_7d2546f\lib\*"
--input Grombühl.proj\LoD2_32_566_5516_2_BY.gml,Grombühl.proj\LoD2_32_568_5516_2_BY.gml,Grombühl.proj\LoD2_32_570_5516_2_BY.gml
--output Grombühl.proj\Grombühl.gml --wkt "POLYGON((9.920858224863567 49.807325539080495, 9.918540796274696 49.79447295986074, 9.992612680429975 49.79358644932381, 9.991926034922162 49.807325539080495, 9.920858224863567 49.807325539080495))"
## Development
In order to compile, test and install RegionChooser into your local Maven repository:
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