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Added tests.

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......@@ -179,6 +179,15 @@ void testExtractBuildingsAndTrees() throws Throwable {
assertEquals(4, countRegexMatches(gmlWithSomeBuildingAndTrees, "<bldg:Building gml:id"));
assertEquals(1, countRegexMatches(gmlWithSomeBuildingAndTrees, "<veg:PlantCover gml:id"));
assertEquals(3, countRegexMatches(gmlWithSomeBuildingAndTrees, "<veg:SolitaryVegetationObject gml:id"));
"Building in another corner should not be included");
"Building in another corner should not be included");
"Tree in corner should be included");
assertTrue(gmlWithSomeBuildingAndTrees.contains("DEBY_LOD2_605227"), "Building in corner should be included");
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