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## Planned Timeline
* Alpha release, 19th July 2021
* Beta release, September 2021
* Official release, October 2021
* Beta release, (hopefully) September 2021
* Official release, (hopefully) October 2021
## What's new?
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* First release for macOs.
* Relatively easy to compile and package for Windows/Linux/macOs. When bugs are found and fixed, it shouldn't take too long to get a new installer.
* Split in two : INSEL Core & INSEL GUI.
* INSEL Core can run on servers, and has everything required for simulations.
* INSEL Core can be used by SimStadt.
* Cooperation between Concordia & HfT Stuttgart (Guillermo, Kai & Eric).
* Updated examples.
* Automated tests with Python.
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* PLOTv2 is now the default PLOT block.
* Models with old PLOT blocks automatically get converted to PLOTv2 when opened in INSEL GUI.
* SCREEN block displays a nicer output (only 7 significant digits, no trailing zeroes, decimal points are aligned).
* Faster SCREEN output, especially when run from terminal.
* Unused parameters for WRITE block have been deprecated, and it's now possible to define Header from GUI.
* Two new constants have been defined : NaN & Infinity. NaN can be useful in order to indicated missing data in plots.
* DIFF block has been added : it calculates `x - y` directly, removing the need to calculate `x + (-y)`.
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* D18599 block has been added.
### GUI
* "Show INSEL model" has a nicer output (no trailing zeroes).
* Default language is English.
* Default model size is 8x8.
* INSEL GUI now uses Java 15.
* New GUI themes (light/dark modes, high-contrast for accessibility, ...)
* New keyboard shortcuts:
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>R</kbd> to run a model
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>P</kbd> to pause a model
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>Z</kbd> to stop a model
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>R</kbd> to run a model
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>P</kbd> to pause a model
* <kbd>Ctrl</kbd><kbd>Z</kbd> to stop a model
* An experimental LIVECHART Block is available in the GUI. Data is displayed in real time.
### INSEL Engine
* INSEL Core can use Fortran 90.
* Easier way to integrate and share userblocks (UB library files can have any name, e.g. `libInselAlice.dll`, `libInselBob.dll`).
* `libInselCommunity` has been created, and it contains useful user blocks from the community (e.g. `UBSTORAGE`, CHP blocks, ...).
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## Beta-testers: What to test?
* Please backup every model before opening them in INSEL 8.3!
* Please backup every model before opening them in INSEL 8.3! (e.g. the whole `Documents/` folder)
* Please backup userblock libraries if you have any.
* Please backup your palette folder. (`%AppData%\INSEL`)
* Please keep an INSEL 8.2 installer, just in case.
* Remove INSEL 8.2.
* Start INSEL 8.3 GUI.
* Rebuild the palette (Right-click > "Rebuild the palette...").
* A new folder should be created at startup.
* Old models should still be readable.
* Old PLOT blocks should be converted.
* Old coordinates should be converted. If they are defined via constants, please update constants manually.
* Can userblocks still be used? They probably need to get compiled again.
* Models shouldn't run slower than before.
* Please report any crash (with any `replay_*.log` and `hs_err_*.log` file you can find) (TODO: Where?).
* A gitlab project will be created in order to collect user-feedback. (TODO: Where?)
* A gitlab project has been created in order to collect user-feedback:
## Known bugs
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* Text might not be readable in dark modes.
* Name and parameters for userblocks might not be displayed correctly.
* Underscores in filenames or function names might break documentation.
* UB documentation PDFs are searched at the wrong location.
* Simulink blocks have not been tested for years, and might be broken.
## What's next?
* Fix more bugs.
* New GUI, based on Eclipse Sirius (with zoom / undo / web-interface / ...).
* Double-precision instead of single-precision floats.
* PVGIS Block (month as input, coordinates as parameters, monthly average irradiances and temperatures as output).
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