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# Description
# Web-based Region Chooser
A single page raw template for gitlab pages.
This application is a web based application with a graphical interface that allows users to extract a specific region by drawing bounding region (box/ polygon). Users can get results in any valid ESPG coordinate system.
# Deployment
## Contact
Deployment of your gitlab page is automatic everytime you edit/remove/add files to the repository.
You can view your published webpage at `<username>/<project name>/` when you create a personal project.
When you create a group project your webpage is published at `<group name>/<project name>/`
# Cleanup
To delete your published gitlab page goto Settings > Pages and click the "Remove pages" button.
# Demo
You can check an example of the template [here](
# Additional Configuration
You can add the term `website` in the Topics section (Settings > General > Topics input field), so that your project can be recognized as a website and listed at [](
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