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......@@ -98,8 +98,7 @@ namespace lorawan {
u1_t nwkKey[16];
u1_t artKey[16];
LMIC_getSessionKeys(&netid, &devaddr, nwkKey, artKey);
//TODO: Save session keys to EEPROM?
//e.g. with
//NOTE: Saving session to EEPROM seems like a good idea at first, but unfortunately: too much info is needed, and a counter would need to be save every single time data is sent.
Serial.print(F(" netid: "));
Serial.println(netid, DEC);
Serial.print(F(" devaddr: "));
......@@ -255,8 +255,6 @@ namespace web_config {
iotWebConf->setWifiConnectionTimeoutMs(1000UL * config::wifi_timeout);
//TODO: Add callbacks
//TODO: Save LoRaWAN key if possible?
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