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......@@ -17,12 +17,13 @@ The *CO<sub>2</sub> Ampel* can:
* Send data over [LoRaWAN](
* Display measurements and configuration on a small website.
* Log data to a [CSV]( file, directly on the ESP flash memory.
* Accept many interactive commands.
## Hardware Requirements
* [ESP8266]( or [ESP32]( microcontroller (this project has been tested with *ESP8266 ESP-12 WIFI* and *TTGO ESP32 SX1276 LoRa*)
* [Sensirion SCD30]( "Sensor Module for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Applications"
* [NeoPixel Ring - 12](
* [NeoPixel Ring - 12](, or [NeoPixel Ring - 16]( (experimental)
See the [documentation]( for more info.
......@@ -67,6 +68,33 @@ make upload board=esp32 && make monitor # For ESP32
* *Upload*
* *Tools > Serial Monitor*
## Available commands
In Arduino IDE *Serial Monitor* or PlatformIO *Monitor*, type `help` + <kbd>Enter</kbd> in order to list the available commands:
* `auto_calibrate 0/1` (Disables/enables autocalibration).
* `calibrate` (Starts calibration process).
* `calibrate 600` (Starts calibration process, to given ppm).
* `calibrate! 600` (Calibrates right now, to given ppm).
* `co2 1500` (Sets co2 level, for debugging purposes).
* `color 0xFF0015` (Shows color, specified as RGB, for debugging).
* `csv 60` (Sets CSV writing interval, in s).
* `format_filesystem` (Deletes the whole filesystem).
* `free` (Displays available heap space).
* `local_ip` (Displays local IP and current SSID).
* `lora 300` (Sets LoRaWAN sending interval, in s).
* `mqtt 60` (Sets MQTT sending interval, in s).
* `night_mode` (Toggles night mode on/off).
* `reset` (Restarts the sensor).
* `reset_scd` (Resets SCD30).
* `send_local_ip` (Sends local IP and SSID via MQTT. Can be useful to find sensor).
* `set_time 1618829570` (Sets time to the given UNIX time).
* `show_csv` (Displays the complete CSV file on Serial).
* `timer 30` (Sets measurement interval, in s).
* `wifi_scan` (Scans available WiFi networks).
The commands can be sent via the Serial interface, from the webpage or via MQTT.
## Authors
* Eric Duminil (HfT Stuttgart)
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