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Explanation of usage and reference to tutorial

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# Building Physics Catalog Editor
# Building Physics Catalog Data Model and Editor
**Important: This is a prototype and work in progress!!**
## How to Use
1. Ensure Java 11 or higher is available (if not, install AdoptOpenJDK 15)
2. Install Eclipse Modeling Tools, version 2020-09 or higher
3. Import all Eclipse projects in this GIT repository via `File -> Import... -> Projects from GIT -> Clone URI`
4. Refresh and clean/build projects
5. Open `de.hftstuttgart.buildingphysics.application.product` and in `Overview`, section `Testing` press `Synchronize` first and `Launch an Eclipse Application` second
6. Press `New...` to ceate a new empty Building Physics Catalog; Save and Load buttons are also available.
## How to Create
Find background information about parameter catalogs for simulation and a tutorial on how to create them at [](
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