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CityDoctor2 is a Java program for validating CityGML files. It checks whether certain criteria for e.g. geometries are met and outputs a report on the results.
## Homepage
[Here]( is a homepage with more detailed installation instruction and more information about the quality management process itself.
## Releases
You can download releases from the BHT page [here]( or from a git repository [here](
The newest releases can be found in this [gitlab repository](
You can download older releases from the BHT page [here]( or from a git repository [here](
Since version 3.12.0 CityDoctor2 requires java version 17, older version are based on version 1.8. The GUI version requires Javafx which is included in Java 1.8 but not in Java 17. You can download a Java version with Javafx included from [here]( Choose your platform and then choose to download the full JRE or JDK which includes Javafx.
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