Commit 10419a27 authored by Ratnadeep Rajendra Kharade's avatar Ratnadeep Rajendra Kharade
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added minimum characters error message and changed note text

parent 517372a2
......@@ -56,13 +56,14 @@
id="inputTextCharacters" name="inputTextCharacters" value="">
<div id="textCharacters-validation" class="error-message">Please enter number the of characters.</div>
<div id="min-count-validation" class="error-message">Please enter minimum number the of characters.</div>
<div class="more-information">
<h4> <span>&#9432;</span> Note</h4>
<div>Minimum number of characters for school level should be;
First Year: 100, Second Year: 100, Third Year: 400, Fourth Year: 400 </div>
<div>Please enter a text of more than 100 alphabetic characters for first and second year school levels,
and 400 alphabetic characters for third and fourth year school levels.</div>
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